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Call For Projects

Funding from several of the Measure A programs is distributed through a call for projects process. These include local shuttles (Transit), pedestrian and bicycle, and highway funds. Through specific calls for projects, eligible sponsors submit applications, which are then evaluated and prioritized on established criteria. The recommended allocations are then presented to the TA Board of Directors for approval. Calls for Projects are generally held every two years, and are specific for each funding program.


Current Projects

San Bruno Grade Separation

This $147 million project will elevate the Caltrain tracks above three existing at-grade street crossings in San Bruno.

Route 1 Calera Parkway

The purpose of the proposed project is to reduce congestion on a segment of Route 1 in Pacifica.

Route 101 and Broadway

The proposed project would remove the existing four-lane Broadway overpass and construct a new seven-lane overpass.


Completed Projects

US 101/Ralston Avenue Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge

The new bridge is a safe way for pedestrians and cyclists to cross over to the east side of freeway.

Highway 101 Auxiliary Lane Project

This project, which will add auxilliary lanes to Highway 101 in San Mateo County, is being completed in phases.

Half Moon Bay Highway Improvements

The improvements to two busy intersections at the gateway of Half Moon Bay's historic downtown alleviated traffic congestion for residents and visitors alike.

Oyster Point Interchange

The interchange is one of the TA's largest highway projects.

Route 92 Climbing Lanes

The Route 92 uphill climbing lane was completed in 2000.

Highway 101/Marsh Road Interchange

The new Marsh Road Interchange helped reduce congestion at the interchange and improve access to the Dumbarton Bridge.

Interstate 280/D Street Overpass

The first major Measure A project to be completed, the overpass opened in 1994.

Interstate 280/Eastmoor Avenue Off-Ramp

The off-ramp improved traffic flow and provided safer egress for vehicles entering Daly City from I-280.