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US 101 Express Lanes Project

Overview: This project establishes high-occupancy vehicle lanes from the southern end of San Mateo County to I-380.

Objectives: This project adds express lanes on US 101, which would continue from the south end of the County to I-380. This will encourage carpooling and transit use, improve travel time and reliability for all express lane users, increase the total number of people that 101 can accommodate, use technology to better manage traffic flows, reduce congestion in the corridor, and upgrade pavement and re-striping lanes.


 San Mateo County Transportation Authority  $32.5 Million 
 Federal  $9.5 Million 
 State  $74.8 Million 
 Private Donations  $3 million 
 Total  $119.8 Million 


Schedule: Construction on the southbound segment began in March of 2019 and is expected to be completed by 2022. Construction on the northbound segment is scheduled to begin in late 2022.