TA staff oversee the administration of Measure A and Measure sales tax revenues and help to advance some of San Mateo County’s most important projects. For general inquiries, please contact

 Name  Title   Email 
Enrica Balagot Contract Administrator
April Chan Chief Officer, SMCTA
Arul Edwin Project Manager, SMCTA Administration
Jessica Epstein Manager, Government & Community Affairs - Samtrans and SMCTA
Patrick Gilster Manager, Programming & Monitoring
Joseph Hurley Director, SMCTA Administration
MaryAnn Johnston Executive Assistant
Amy Linehan Public Affairs Specialist
Carter Mau Acting GM & CEO, Samtrans and SMCTA
Angustia (Neng) Pacumio Senior Accountant, SMCTA Administration
Peter Skinner Director, Grants & Fund Programming
Jennifer Williams Administrative Analyst, Programming & Monitoring