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Transportation Authority Adopts Strategic Plan 2020-2024

Transportation Authority Adopts Strategic Plan 2020-2024


The San Mateo County Transportation Authority (TA) Board of Directors adopted the 2020-2024 Strategic Plan during its December meeting Thursday night. The strategic plan outlines how investment decisions will be made over the next five years for the approximately $135 million in funds from both Measures A and W annually.  The Strategic Plan also includes processes for how projects will be evaluated and prioritized.  

The new plan also calls for the TA to play a larger role in project development including serving as the technical lead on projects of countywide significance, and providing consulting services for Complete Streets and other best practices. This brings the TA more in line with the principles laid out by Measure W, promoting a more collaborative approach with local governments to reduce congestion on local streets and highways.

Measures A and W are both transportation sales taxes, authorized by the voters of San Mateo County, that fund a wide variety of transportation projects and programs. The TA administers all of the funds raised through Measure A and 50% of Measure W funds, and is required by both measures to adopt a Strategic Plan to determine how those funds are allocated. The other 50% of Measure W funds is under the purview of the SamTrans Board of Directors.

The Strategic Plan was developed with the goal of capturing the current state of transportation funding and project delivery, preparing for the future needs of San Mateo County and keeping in line with the principles outlined by the two tax measures. A copy of the document is available online at www.smcta.com/strategicplan.



About the Transportation Authority (TA): Created to administer Measure A, San Mateo County’s ½ cent sales tax, the TA provides funding for transportation projects and programs in San Mateo County. In 2004, more than 75 percent of San Mateo County voters reauthorize Measure A for an additional 25 years. In 2018, voters approved Measure W, the San Mateo County Congestion Relief Plan an additional ½ cent sales tax. The TA will administer half the revenue of Measure W and the San Mateo County Transit District will administer the other half to fund and implement the Congestion Relief Plan.

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