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Transportation Authority Holds Budget Hearing on June 3

Transportation Authority Holds Budget Hearing on June 3

The San Mateo County Transportation Authority (TA) will hold a public hearing on Thursday, June 3, to discuss its proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2022.

Section 131266 of the California Public Utilities Code requires that the TA hold a public hearing prior to adopting the annual budget.

The hearing will be held at 5 p.m. during the TA’s Board of Directors meeting. The proposed Fiscal Year 2022 Budget will be available digitally for review and can be accessed through the TA Board of Directors webpage.  Details of the June 3 meeting will be posted online approximately a week before the scheduled Board meeting.

Following the hearing, the TA’s Board of Directors will vote on whether to adopt the FY 2022 budget.


About the Transportation Authority (TA): Created to administer Measure A, San Mateo County’s ½ cent sales tax, the TA provides funding for transportation projects and programs in San Mateo County. In 2004, more than 75 percent of San Mateo County voters reauthorize Measure A for an additional 25 years. In 2018, voters approved Measure W, the San Mateo County Congestion Relief Plan an additional ½ cent sales tax. The TA will administer half the revenue of Measure W and the San Mateo County Transit District will administer the other half to fund and implement the Congestion Relief Plan.

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