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Measure A

Since 1988, when San Mateo County voters passed Measure A by a 61.7 percent margin, the San Mateo County Transportation Authority has worked to improve transit and relieve traffic congestion.

There is no more convincing proof of the TA’s success than the decision by the voters in 2004 to extend the measure until 2033. The reauthorization passed by a phenomenal 75.3 percent margin.

The reauthorized measure, which went into effect in 2009, includes funds for more local community shuttle service, railroad/street grade separations, ferry service to South San Francisco and Redwood City, and a major infusion of tax dollars for pedestrian and bicycle projects. For the first time, much-needed operating funds can be channeled into Caltrain.

In 2008, the board of directors adopted a Strategic Plan to guide the evaluation of projects that apply for funding. The plan, which was developed after a series of community meetings held throughout the county, provides a policy framework for guiding programming and allocation decisions.

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