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Transportation Demand Management

Alternative Congestion Relief (ACR) and Transportation Demand Management (TDM) are programs that promote transit and other forms of commuting to reduce the use of single occupancy vehicles.

One percent of all Measure A sales tax dollars are allocated for ACR programs and projects that encourage carpooling, ride-sharing and flexible work hours. Funds are also reserved for the planning and design of Intelligent Transportation Systems that facilitate more efficient use of existing highways and transit systems. This includes such things as highway ramp metering, signal priority for transit vehicles, and real-time travel information. Approximately $910,000 per year is generated from Measure A for these kinds of programs for a total of $15 million over the life of Measure A.

Additionally, with the adoption of the TA Strategic Plan 2020-2024, the Measure W Countywide Highway Congestion category included a set aside of four percent for TDM projects and programs that contribute to a reduction of vehicle miles travelled on the highway system. This equates to about one percent of all Measure W sales tax dollars for an additional $819,000 per year and a total of $24 million of the life of Measure W.


The TA Strategic Plan 2020-2024 directed staff to initiate the development of an ACR/TDM Plan that would combine the goals and core principles of the Measure A and Measure W categories into one consolidated program. The ACR/TDM Plan was kicked off in January 2021 and is expected to be adopted by the TA Board in January 2022. With the help of an Advisory Group consisting of more than 40 active local jurisdiction and stakeholder representatives and a TA Board Ad-Hoc Committee, the ACR/TDM Plan will direct the program guidelines and project selection process for future funding allocations and call for project opportunities.

Materials regarding the planning process can be found below:

Public Review Draft ACR/TDM Plan:

The Draft ACR/TDM Plan is now available for review! Please use the link below to access the Draft ACR/TDM Plan and provide any comments using the survey by December 16, 2021. The Draft ACR/TDM Plan will officially be release at the December TA Board and CAC meetings and is planned for adoption in January 2022.

Public Review Draft ACR/TDM Plan and Comment Survey