Measure A

Since 1988, when San Mateo County voters passed Measure A by 61.7%, the San Mateo County Transportation Authority (TA) has worked to improve transit and relieve traffic congestion. The measure was reauthorized by San Mateo County voters in 2004 by 75.3%.

The reauthorized measure, which went into effect in 2009, includes funds for more local community shuttle service, railroad/street grade separations, ferry service to South San Francisco and Redwood City, and a major infusion of tax dollars for pedestrian and bicycle projects.

The expenditure plants outline the goals, guidelines and requirements for the expenditure of the sales tax revenues generated by Measure A. The plans, which were approved by voters, also set the program categories and percentage split of of the sales tax revenues for each program category.

Measure A Vision

  • Target key, congested corridors for highway and transit
  • Continue to improve connections with regional transportation facilities
  • Enhance safety in all aspects of the transportation system
  • Meet local mobility needs, especially those of seniors and people with disabilities
  • Meet the Cities’ and County’s unique local transportation needs
  • Leverage local, state and federal funds
  • Encourage transportation projects that support transit-oriented development

Measure A Goals

  • Reduce congestion
  • Make regional connections
  • Enhance safety
  • Meet local mobility needs

1988-2008 Transportation Expenditure Plan (PDF, 2MB) - Measure A information contained in the June 7, 1988 Presidential Primary Election Voter's Information Pamphlet.

2009-2033 Transportation Expenditure Plan (PDF, 236KB) - Measure A information update published in 2004.

The TA Strategic Plan guides the evaluation of projects that use this funding. You can read more about the 2020-2024 plan, which was developed through a series of community meetings held throughout the county.

Measure A Expenditure Percentages