About Us

Board of Directors - A seven-member board of directors creates policy and approves funding for the TA.

Meetings - Board of Director meetings, Advisory Commitee meetings and community meetings.

Measure A - Measure A is a voter-approved half-cent sales tax for countywide transportation projects and programs.

Measure W - Measure W is a voter-approved half-cent sales tax passed in 2018 to improve transit and relieve traffic congestion.

Strategic Plan 2020-2024 - The Strategic Plan 2020-2024 will provide a policy framework for guiding programming and allocation decisions over the next five years for both Measure A and Measure W.

Strategic Plan 2014-2019 - The Strategic Plan provides a policy framework for guiding programming and allocation decisions.

Expenditure Plans - The plans approved by the voters that guide the expenditure of Measure A funds.

News -  News releases about TA projects and plans.

Citizens Advisory Committee - The CAC acts as a liaison between the public and the board of directors, providing valuable input to the board on county transportation issues. 

Documents - Documents that support TA projects and plans.

2019 Progress Report (PDF, 1.25MB).

Transportation Links - The TA works in partnership with local and regional transportation agencies.

Public Records Act (PRA) Requests - Guidelines to implement the California Public Records Act, commencing at section 6250 of the Government Code, and other applicable statutes and case law, by setting forth the procedures to be followed when making records available to the public.

Contact - Contact the TA here.

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