San Mateo County Transportation Authority Adopts Budget

Media Contact: Tasha Bartholomew, 650-339-5257

The San Mateo County Transportation Authority’s (TA) Board of Directors unanimously approved a $166.8 million budget at their June Board meeting for the 2023 Fiscal Year (FY). This budget includes the estimated receipt of $108.3 million in Measure A funds and $54.1 million in Measure W funds in FY2023. 

The $30.9 million in Measure A annual allocations includes $24.4 million for the improvement and maintenance of local transportation across over 20 cities and unincorporated areas in San Mateo County and $4.3 million for paratransit. Approximately $76.3 million in Measure A Category Program Expenditures will help fund projects/programs in the Alternative Congestion Relief, Dumbarton, Pedestrian & Bicycle, Local Shuttles, Streets & Highways, Grade Separations, San Mateo County Ferry Service categories, and $17.3 million is included for Caltrain.

Approximately $43.3 million of Measure W revenue will fund countywide highway congestion improvements, local safety pothole & congestion relief improvements, bicycle and pedestrian improvements, and regional transit connections. The remaining $10.8 million will be invested in major arterial and local roadway improvements in key congested areas throughout the county.

The budget also includes $2.3 million in oversight and $3.2 million in administrative expenses. The TA FY2023 budget begins on July 1, 2022 and ends on June 30, 2023.



About the Transportation Authority (TA): Created to administer Measure A, San Mateo County’s ½ cent sales tax, the TA provides funding for transportation projects and programs in San Mateo County. In 2004, more than 75 percent of San Mateo County voters reauthorize Measure A for an additional 25 years. In 2018, voters approved Measure W, the San Mateo County Congestion Relief Plan an additional ½ cent sales tax. The TA will administer half the revenue of Measure W and the San Mateo County Transit District will administer the other half to fund and implement the Congestion Relief Plan.

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