Technical Assistance Available to Potential Shuttle Sponsors

The San Mateo County Transportation Authority, in partnership with SamTrans and the Peninsula Traffic Congestion Relief Alliance, continues to offer free technical assistance to all potential sponsors of the upcoming San Mateo County Shuttle Call for Projects. SamTrans and Alliance staff is available to assist sponsors in improving service planning, marketing, and performance for new or existing shuttles. The goal of technical assistance is to provide shuttle services that are more cost effective, efficient, and responsive to community needs.

Technical assistance will be available until the Call for Projects is closed and is dependent on the availability of staff. The Call for Projects is expected to open on Jan. 13, 2013 and is expected to close on Feb. 14, 2014. Potential sponsors should express interest in technical assistance before the Call for Projects opens to ensure staff availability. Receipt of assistance is encouraged but is not a guarantee of funding.

Please visit the Local Shuttle Program Call for Projects page for more information on the upcoming Call for Projects and technical assistance. Valuable resources, including questions and answers from October’s workshop, are also available on the Call for Projects page.

If you have any questions about technical assistance or the Call for Projects, please contact Brent Tietjen, Public Affairs Specialist, at 650-508-6495 or at