Half Moon Bay Highway Improvements

As the gateway to Half Moon Bay’s charming and historic downtown, this project will alleviate congestion for residents and visitors alike. The project extends along Highway 92 from Highway 1 for just under a half mile east of the Main Street intersection.

Among the benefits the project will bring are smoother intersection operations, reduced traffic delays and better access for bicycles and pedestrians.

Highway 92 will be widened from two to four lanes and northbound Main Street will be widened to provide bike lanes. A new left-turn lane will be added on southbound Highway 1 at Highway 92 and traffic signals will be modified. Some aesthetic improvements will accompany these operational benefits: overhead utilities will be relocated under ground, and decorative street lighting, trees and other landscaping will be installed. The project is scheduled to be completed by fall 2008.

Funding for the $21.8 million project comes from a combination of sources, with the transportation authority providing $12.6 million and the City of Half Moon Bay contributing $3.4 million. Other funds are coming from state and federal sources, as well as the City/County Association of Governments.