The purpose of this program is to reduce congestion and improve safety on highways in San Mateo County. The program divides streets and highways projects into two categories: those that will remove bottlenecks in the most congested commute corridors and those that will improve supplemental roadway projects throughout the county. Both Measure A and Measure W funding can be used for infrastructure improvements to highway network such as interchange modifications, ramp improvements, managed lanes implementation, and may include smaller bicycle and pedestrian improvements. Only Measure W funding can be used to for dedicated pedestrian and bicycle overcrossings.

As defined by the 2004 Transportation Expenditure Plan, Measure A provides the Highway category with a 27.5 percent share of the sales tax revenue collected. Similarly, as defined by the 2018 Congestion Relief Plan, Measure W provides the Highway category with a 22.5 percent share of the sales tax revenue collected. However, four percent of the Measure W Highway program funds are set aside for Transportation Demand Management strategies that reduce countywide congestion (this equates to approximately one percent of all Measure W sales tax revenue). According to the 2020-2024 Transportation Authority Strategic Plan, both measures are projected to produce approximately $1 billion in available funding for this program ($429 million from the remaining 15 years of Measure A and $614 million for the 30 year life of Measure W).

2021 Highway Program Call for Projects

In August 2021, the TA formally released a Highway Call for Projects (CFP), announcing the availability of approximately $80 million in Measure A funds and $20 million in Measure W funds for projects ready to start work within one year of receiving a funding award. Twelve applications were received from 10 sponsors at the close of the CFP in September 2021, with a total of $109.6 million in funding requests.An Evaluation Committee comprised of SMCTA Programming staff and representatives from Caltrans, San Francisco County Transportation Authority, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, and Caltrain reviewed the applications and recommended all projects to be fully fund project requests, if possible. The TA Board of Directors adopted the 2021 Highway Program of projects at the December 2021 meeting that included $114 million in Measure A and W funds which included full funding for two construction-ready projects.

For descriptions of the 2021 Highway Program Project Awards, please use the link below:

Funded Projects

Short Range Highway Plan and Capital Improvement Program

The 2021-2030 Short Range Highway Plan (SRHP) and companion Capital Improvement Program (CIP) were prepared to support future investment decisions for the Measure A Highways and Measure W Countywide Highway Congestion categories. The SRHP is the policy foundation for making highway program investment decisions over the next ten years and uses the adopted Strategic Plan 2020-2024 evaluation criteria to benchmark how projects align with funding priorities for Measures A and W. The CIP identifies eligible Highway program projects and assesses the projected costs versus sales tax revenue over a 10-year period. <,/p>

US 101 Managed Lanes

The management and operation of the Express Lanes is governed by the San Mateo County Express Lanes Joint Powers Authority (SMCEL JPA), a six member joint powers authority consisting of three San Mateo County Transportation Authority (SMCTA) Board members and three City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County (C/CAG) Board members.

To learn more about US 101 Express Lanes, visit the SMCEL JPA website: https://smcexpresslanes.org/

For updates on the construction of the SMC Express Lanes project, visit the Caltrans project page: https://dot.ca.gov/caltrans-near-me/district-4/d4-projects/d4-san-mateo-101-express-lane-project.