Peninsula Shuttle Program

The purpose of this program is to fund shuttle services offered free of charge to the public in order to promote alternative modes of transportation and reduce congestion on highways in San Mateo County. Shuttle services typically connect major employers, schools, residential areas, and community destinations while also providing connection points to other modes of transit. The program allows for local jurisdictions and/or public agencies within the County to apply for and contend for funding. Funding for this program is provided jointly from Measure A and the City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County (C/CAG) Congestion Relief Plan. 

As defined by the 2004 Transportation Expenditure Plan, Measure A provides the Shuttle Program with a 4 percent share of the sales tax revenue collected. According to the 2020-2024 Transportation Authority Strategic Plan, Measure A is projected to produce approximately $49.3 million in available funding for this program for the remaining 15 years of the measure.


Peninsula Shuttle Study

In 2021, SamTrans and Caltrain completed the Peninsula Shuttle Study which conducted a comprehensive review of the Shuttle Program. The study identified several service and management recommendations to strengthen the Program’s responsiveness to changing conditions and to support post-pandemic ridership recovery and growth. The Transportation Authority has implemented the study’s recommendations related to the Shuttle Program Call for Projects as of the FY 2024-25 cycle.


Call for Projects Awards

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Peninsula Shuttle Program Partner Resources

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