Pedestrian and Bicycles

The purpose of the Measure A and Measure W Pedestrian and Bicycle Program is to fund specific projects to encourage and improve bicycling and walking conditions. Funding can be used for non-infrastructure programs or infrastructure project development and construction of pedestrian and bicycle facilities within San Mateo County.

As defined in the 2004 Transportation Expenditure Plan, Measure A provides the Pedestrian and Bicycle Program category with a three percent share of the sales tax revenues collected. Similarly, as defined in the 2018 Congestion Relief Plan, Measure W provides the Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvement Program category with a five percent share of the sales tax revenues collected. According to the 2020-2024 Transportation Authority Strategic Plan, both measures are projected to produce approximately $179 million in available funding for this program ($42.5 million from the remaining 15 years of Measure A and $136.5 million for the 30 year life of Measure W).

Cycle 5 Call for Projects

In August 2020, the San Mateo County Transportation Authority (TA) issued its fifth Pedestrian and Bicycle Program CFP, announcing the availability of up to $8.1 million in Measure A and Measure W funds. This is the first Pedestrian and Bicycle CFP to include funds from both measures and the first cycle that includes Measure W funding for planning and promotions projects. Of the $8.1 million, the TA allocates 2.5 percent of the available funding directly to the San Mateo County Office of Education’s Safe Routes to School program ($202,500 for this cycle).

In total, nineteen applications were received from 11 jurisdictions with funding requests exceeding $17 million. In December 2020, the TA Board of Directors approved $7.714 million to fully fund 11 projects and partially fund one project. The remaining balances in each sub-category will be rolled over to the next Call for Projects cycle. The project fact sheets below provide an overview of how Measure A and Measure W funding will be put into action to support walking and biking in San Mateo County.

Cycle 5 Fact Sheets


Projects funded through the FY 2012-2013 Call for Projects

Projects funded through the FY 2014-2015 Call for Projects

Projects funded through the FY 2015 Call for Projects

Projects funded through the FY 2017 Call for Projects

Projects funded through the FY 2021-2022 Call for Projects


Public Funding Sources for Pedestrian & Bicycle Projects/Programs in San Mateo County


Complete Streets Workshop & Technical Trainings

At the start of 2022, the TA held a Complete Streets workshop and two technical trainings to promote knowledge sharing with local elected officials, transportation advisory bodies, technical planning/engineering staff, and other active transportation stakeholders regarding best practices in Complete Streets policies, designs, and implementation. Complete Streets is the practice of considering the mobility needs of all roadways users including people who walk, bicycle, scooter, take transit, or drive. The goal of the workshop and trainings was to: (1) enhance safety conditions in San Mateo County; (2) work to promote a multimodal transportation network that serves all users in an equitable manner; (3) improve roadway comfort for people of all ages and abilities; and, (4) encourage competitive projects that can apply for TA funding.

Links to the recordings can be found on the TA's YouTube channel here and the presentation slides can be found below.

Complete Streets Introductory Workshop 

Complete Streets Technical Training: Pedestrian Facilities

Complete Streets Technical Training: Bicycle Facilities